Mrs Morgan’s 2nd Grade Class   2 comments

Mrs Morgan’s 2nd Grade Class!

Posted June 3, 2013 by taleofabaseballdream

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  1. Hi Mr. Pearlman,
    We just finished reading your book. It was great! We have a few questions:

    Isaac: How did you come up with the idea for Tale of a Baseball Dream?

    Tyra: Is this a true story about you and your son without the heaven part?

    Angel and Kayee: Why is the little boy’s name Dusty?

    Raven, Kenslee, Nate, Quenton, Marquisha, and Airrieonna: Who”s face is on the cover? We think it might be The Brute, Jerry Pearlman, the dad,
    or Dusty.

    Jimie: How did you make up the the ideas and cool names. I really liked your idea for sure!

    Rinjo: Have you ever played beaseball?

    Lesile: Why did you decide to have Dusty’s dad die in the story?

    Jamarion: Do you believe that baseball teams can be cursed?

    Aren: Did you play baseball with your kids?

  2. Hi Isaac!

    Excellent question!
    I came up with the idea for Tale of A Baseball Dream one evening when I was eating dinner with my son. My son was telling me that he did not think he could add anything to baseball, because everything “great” had already been done. At the time, the Boston Red Sox had not won a World Series in over 80 years. I told him that he might just be the one to help the Red Sox win the World Series! That one conversation inspired the idea for the entire story!

    Hi Tyra!

    How did you guess that? What a great observation!
    I wrote the story by using the real experiences my son and I had while he was growing up, and then added my imagination.. (I exaggerated some of the experiences to embellish the story. – Please don’t tell anyone!)

    Hi Angel and Kayee!

    Another great question!
    I wanted to use a name for the main character that was not completely common.. I “brainstormed” to come up with the names of all of the characters and teams. I would write a list of many random names, and then choose the one’s I liked the most for the story.

    Hi Raven, Kenslee, Nate, Quenton, Marquisha, and Airrieonna!

    I love your teamwork! You guys are really good! It is “The Brute,” and “Dusty” on the front cover!
    I wanted to pay a tribute to my wife’s father who has been deceased for many years, so I found an old picture, and placed his image to appear to be looking down from heaven, representing “The Brute!”
    The person batting is actually a picture of my son batting.
    I used “photo shop” to combine the images.

    Hi Jimie!

    I’m so glad you liked the names, and my idea! Great question!
    I basically just wrote as many names as I could think of on a list, and then chose the one’s I liked the best!

    Hi Rinjo!

    Thanks for asking that! You’re the 1st one to ever ask me that!
    I did play baseball, but wasn’t very good most of my life. I loved baseball, and so I kept trying and trying. When I was a sophomore in High School, I did not make the team. Finally when I was a senior in High School, I made the team and had a good year!

    Hi Leslie!

    How do you all have such great questions?
    I really did not want the dad to die in the story because I know that is very, very sad. I felt like I had to include that in the story because it was the only way that I could complete the story, with the vision I had for it.

    Hi Jamarion!

    That is a tough question!
    I don’t really know the answer! Sometimes it seems to me like a team could be cursed, and sometimes it doesn’t! Sorry, I can’t give you a better answer.

    Hi Aren!

    Thanks for your great question!
    I only had one son, but I did play baseball with him a lot! I really loved playing baseball with him and his friends! Those were great times! He is grown now, and we don’t have much time to play anymore.

    Thank you Mrs. Morgan and her FANTASTIC class! I greatly appreciate your reading “Tale of A Baseball Dream!” I can tell that you are an AWESOME group and wish you the BEST in your future! KEEP READING!

    Jerry Pearlman

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