Tale of A Baseball Dream Welcomes You!   11 comments

“I believe every person at one time or another has had a dream of greatness!  Tale of A Baseball Dream was written to inspire the imagination and dreams in everyone!  Dusty Hunter represents the “child” in each of us!  Every child will not grow up to change baseball history, but every child should have the opportunity to be successful  in life!  Tale of A Baseball Dream will inspire your child to not only read, but to dream BIG!”   Jerry Pearlman

11 responses to “Tale of A Baseball Dream Welcomes You!

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  1. I played baseball as a kid in my old neighborhood on Chicago’s Southside and I was inspired to be the next Terry Forester star Pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, yet. Those dream’s like so many of us whom were city dwellers in the Rust Belt took the same path as the great Steel Mills that once dotted the landscape of the South and Southeast sides of Chicago. Yet the inspiration still lies with the the soul of so many whom have followed in Terry Forester’s foot steps. I read this book some years ago while I use to commute on the Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad from my then current home in Northwest, Indiana to the office in Downtown Chicago , and I was taken back to a carefree youth back in the side streets and parks of home.

  2. Very intriguing post! I may have to investigate more. 😉

  3. I think mr. Pearlman is an inspirational writer!

  4. My book includes baseball too! “Benjamin Bear’s Naughtiest Night Ever!” Benjamin is distracted from helping his younger siblings with their bath, because hsi buddies are calling to him to come and play. This distraction leads to a lot of trouble! I’ll have to look your book up, as I’m a fan of the sport. Love to play it more than watch. Thanks for linking in to the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

  5. This book looks very good. I am a brit that knows nothing about Baseball but loves sport in general. I imagine that this story is much more than Baseball anyway and more to do with dreams and aspirations. I enjoy these type of reads and love how inspiration can be found in the most unlikeliest of places. I will be checking it out soon. Happy New Year my friend

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